Datalink for Retailers

Datalink completely eliminates the pain and cost of data management while giving retailers the ability to offer the same amount of inventory on their website as big-box stores. In fact, you can easily make any vendor’s entire product catalog available on your web store without the cost of additional inventory. With Datalink taking the maintenance our of online inventory management, you will never again worry about: 

online inventory management
Acquiring Data

Never again will you be inconvenienced by calling vendors individually for product data. Datalink cuts out the middleman and streams everything right to your online store or RM Pro POS in real time.

online inventory management
Standardizing Data

Product data is sent to retailers via fragmented files in many different formats. Forget about losing hours updating this data yourself, or wasting money hiring someone to do it – Datalink standardizes all the information for you.

online inventory management
Searching Data

With Datalink’s powerful search and filter capabilities, you’ll never have to sift through page after page of products to find what you want to sell. Datalink makes finding the right products easy, saving you time.

Datalink lets you

     Expand virtual inventory to offer more products and better selection on your website
     Instantly receive new product data updates in real time
     Eliminate the time and money spent on online inventory management
     Search and filter to browse entire vendor catalogs so you find exactly what you want
     Quit calling vendors every time you need data
     Rebrand and re-price virtual inventory
     See available vendor inventory quantities
     Create a direct API connection to your E-commerce database for 24/7 updates
     Access optimized product data feeds anywhere, anytime
     Boost SEO and traffic to your E-commerce site thanks to SEO-optimized data feeds
     Improve promotions of products through unique high-res imagery


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