There is a Wolf at Your Door

As a rug retailer, are you watching your traffic and sales decline year over year? If you’re like we were, the slow death of your livelihood feels like there’s a wolf at your door. We understand. The wolf is waiting, watching and taking every opportunity to steal your business.

It’s not your fault. You didn’t see the wolf coming. As a pup, he slithered up to your door slowly. At first, stealing only a few sales. Gradually, the wolf grew into the terrifying beast he is today. He is taking more customers every day and therefore causing your sales to decline. Now the wolf is threatening your way of life.

Who is the wolf?

Amazon, Wayfair, and other E-commerce giants are the wolf at your door stealing your customers and your profits. The wolf spends billions of dollars to get your customers by leveraging huge amounts of product and customer data. Perhaps you recognized there was a wolf at your door and tried to do something about it. Maybe you put up a website and started social media accounts to meet the challenge head on. Perhaps you thought your customer service and personal touch would be enough keep your business relevant. After all, most people want to see and touch a rug before they buy it, right?

Yet, you are still falling short and the wolf at the door is breathing down your neck. With unlimited resources to manage and leverage huge amounts of product data—the wolf has left you struggling to keep your customers and make ends meet. The wolf at the door is now coming in the house.

Beat the Wolf

There is another way. You can vanquish the wolf by beating him at his own game. How can a small retailer compete against a dot com giant? You employ RM Innovation’s affordable suite of retail software tools to defend your business against the wolf. For instance, with Datalink you will be able to leverage real-time product data streamed from your vendors—including descriptions and images—and as a result improve your customer’s experience both online and in store. RM Innovation can help you beat the wolf and increase your sales. With Datalink you will:

  • Boost the performance of your E-commerce site with accurate product data feeds therefore increasing SEO, product selection, and online visibility.
  • Expand virtual inventory to offer more products and better selection in your store and on your website
  • Instantly receive new product data updates and make them live in real time
  • Eliminate the time and money spent on online inventory management
  • Search and filter to browse entire vendor catalogs so you find exactly what you want instead of searching outdated paper catalogs and price lists
  • Quit calling vendors every time you need to order something
  • Rebrand and re-price inventory to eliminate show rooming
  • See up-to-date vendor inventory quantities
  • Create a direct API connection to your E-commerce database for 24/7 updates
  • Access optimized product data feeds anywhere, anytime
  • Boost SEO and traffic to your E-commerce site thanks to SEO-optimized data feeds
  • Improve promotions of products through unique high-res imagery
  • Have complete control over how products are displayed online and in your store
  • Datalink easily integrates with Shopify, Magento and other E Commerce systems

The Driving Force of Data

Datalink powers your retail business by streaming standardized, fresh product data directly to both E-commerce and POS systems in real time. Our revolutionary technology means that a vendor’s entire product catalog is available in just a few clicks. Better yet, products are automatically updated when new collections are released, items are discontinued, or prices are changed. With Datalink, you can focus on what’s important– growing your business and therefore no longer waste time searching paper catalogs or calling vendors to get answers. You can spend time with you customers.

Those customers want to find you. They are searching for you. According to Google, most purchases start with an online search. Yet, the actual purchase happens within 20 miles from the initial search location. RM Innovation can provide the tools you need to stand out to your customers.

More Retail Power

To set yourself up for the best results, we recommend combining Datalink with RM Innovation’s award willing point of sale (POS) software RM ProRM Pro assists you in every key area of your business; Point of Sale, Smart Tools, Inventory, Relationships, Employee Management and much more. Fully integrated with DatalinkRM Pro enables you to have thousands of virtual products at your fingertips so you can service your customers quickly and effectively.

Every retailer wants to avoid crisis and recognize opportunities. RM Pro helps you do both by continuously monitoring every aspect of business performance and operation, while automatically alerting you of significant events. Therefore, it frees you up to concentrate on business at hand without having to worry that you’re missing something important. Furthermore, it’s like having a team of CPAs and MBAs on staff to keep you ahead of problems and on top of trends without having them on your payroll.

Contact RM Innovation today by emailing and get started earning your customers back from the wolf at your door.