Product Data is the New Purple

Product Data is the new PURPLE!

Managing product data is a tedious task. Different vendors use different formats for their product listings. The product data has to be standardized for retailer’s POS and E-Commerce. This requires somebody to spend hours updating and managing product data. The big dot coms have invested millions and have large teams to manage their product data. For the small retailer, product data creates a bottleneck and causes the local retailer to struggle to be competitive. Just like purple fabric before the invention of synthetic dye, effective product data management has been reserved for royalty (big dot coms). Until now.

Introducing Datalink, the new purple.

Purple for Everyone

For a many years purple was the color of kings, nobles, priests and magistrates all around the Mediterranean. The process of making purple dye was long, difficult, tedious, and expensive. It required vast quantities of snails to create the smallest amounts of dye. Up to 250,000 tiny Spiny Dye-Murex snails had to be harvested, cracked and removed from their shells to produced just one ounce of dye.

In 1856, while trying to make a synthetic quinine, an eighteen-year-old British chemistry student named William Henry Perkin produced the first synthetic aniline dye. It was a purple shade called mauveine, shortened simply to mauve. Queen Victoria wore a silk gown dyed with mauveine to the Royal Exhibition of 1862 and the new purple quickly became fashionable. Purple was a color only the aristocracy and rich could afford to wear prior to Perkin’s discovery. After Perkin democratized the color anyone could afford to wear purple.

Product Data Drives Ecom

Big dot coms (Amazon, Wayfair, etc.) have  specialized product data systems for vendors & retailers.  Their propiertary data management systems make products readily available for their customers. Product data has become the driving force in commerce. Today, the most valuable assets and companies have shifted from oil to data driven companies. The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. The most valuable companies in the world are fueled by Product Data.

Product Data is the main bottleneck for small to mid-size business. This prevents a level playing field with the big dot coms because of the complexity of product data management.

Purple (Product Data) Simplified

Making purple the old way is tedious, costly, and time-consuming. Managing product data the old way is also costly. Datalink completely eliminates the pain and cost of data management. This gives retailers the ability to offer the same amount of inventory on their website as big-box stores. In fact, you can easily make any vendor’s entire product catalog available on your web store without the cost of additional inventory. With Datalink taking the maintenance out of online inventory management, you will never again worry about:

ACQUIRING PRODUCT DATA: Never again will you be inconvenienced by calling vendors individually for product data. Datalink cuts out the middleman and streams everything right to your online store or RM Pro POS in real time.

STANDARDIZING PRODUCT DATA: Product data is sent to retailers via fragmented files in many different formats. Stop losing hours updating data yourself, or wasting money hiring someone to do it – Datalink standardizes all the information for you.

SEARCHING PRODUCT DATADatalink’s powerful search and filter capabilities eliminates having to sift through page after page of products to find what you want to sell. Datalink makes finding the right products easy which saves time and money.

Product Data Innovation for Small Retailers

Product Data comes to small & mid size retailers in inconsistent formats. RM Innovation’s Datalink provides retailers with a process to transform the data from different sources into optimized and standardized data feeds. The product data (including images) can then be streamed to point of sale systems and e-commerce platforms.

At RM Innovation, we have used technology to remove barriers and have democratized product data for everyone. The democratization of product data with Datalink empowers retailers to segment, manage, rebrand and reprice their vendors product Data in a simple fast and affordable way.

Datalink is the new PURPLE!

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