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Why Pre-Loaded Catalogs Are The Future of E-commerce

What’s the biggest hurdle in operating an online retail store? That’s an easy one– Inventory. Online inventory comes in the form of product data, and consistently loading, cleaning, and maintaining that data is a massive (resource-sucking) headache.

Here’s why this is such a pain. The process of managing inventory for an e-commerce site requires a multitude of tedious steps (which translates into time and dollars spent). First, a retailer has to attain each of their unique vendor’s product data files. This is usually in the form an excel sheet and a dropbox of images. After they do this, they’ll see that the files and images (thousands and thousands of SKUs, remember) are unstandardized. They come in all types of formats with mismatched headers, images, and more. That means the next step is cleaning up the data and standardizing it so that it will work with their specific e-commerce platforms’ requirements. Once the product data is attained, cleaned, standardized, and so on, a retailer can finally load it into their platform.

But wait! That’s definitely not the end of the road–don’t forget about the continuous maintenance. The quantity of items has to be continually updated, new arrivals need to be added, discontinued items removed, and the list goes on… In fact, 90% of the costs of running an online store can be attributed to this fiasco of data management. How can a retailer with a lot on their plate already keep up? It isn’t easy… Until now.

RM E-commerce is the only e-commerce platform that comes with pre-loaded catalogs from your vendors. Past that, RM E-commerce is powered by our revolutionary data streaming technology, so your products are updated for you in real time. RM E-Commerce means:

  1. Quantity, images, and product attributes are always fresh and accurate
  2. New releases hit your site the minute they hit the market
  3. Content-rich, consistently updated product data will improve your SEO
  4. You can expand your virtual inventory without any extra effort & cost
  5. Better product content online = better sales 
  6. You’ll save the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent trying to manage online inventory

Still not convinced?

RM E-commerce is more than just a platform with streaming catalog software. Check out a few more reasons why this is the online selling machine that local retailers need. ecommerce pre-loaded catalogs


pre-loadede catalog ecommerce for rug flooring furnishingsTo conclude, there are many more reasons to join our growing network of awesome clients, but hopefully, we’ve given you a few good ones. Want to learn more? Get a free demo of the only e-commerce with pre-loaded catalogs and streaming updates, built specifically for Rug, Flooring and Home Furnishings success.

Have a question on how this all works or could work for your business? Our team is here to help you make your store the biggest success possible. Give us a shout whenever and we won’t quit until we’ve solved your problem, answered your question, or showed you exactly how to accomplish a goal.