RM Innovation named a Best Startup in Louisville

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RMinnovation is one of the best startups

best tech startupsThe Tech Tribune recently selected seven of the best startups companies in Louisville. We are excited to announce made that startup list! Based on their research, they critiqued RMInnovation and the other startups based on  various factors. Among them included revenue potential, leadership, and competitive landscape. In addition, there are other factors that their staff looked into. A big thanks to the Tech Tribune for including us in this list. Because RMInnovation strives to help improve and prosper small retailers.

Our goal is giving the tools that larger companies have. Bringing these tools to be accessible to everyone. We are in the business of data and helping retailers and vendors manage that data. Provided that we make it more seamless and efficient. Then smaller retailers have a better chance competing in this faster-moving market. We are very proud to be included on this list of the best startups. As long as there are rug retailers and vendors that need data, we’ll be there to help mitigate it. The other startup companies were EdjAnalytics, Red E App, MobileServe, NetLaw, Collabra, & MailHaven.

You can read more about each company here: http://thetechtribune.com/7-best-tech-startups-in-louisville/

The Tech Tribune

This site “delivers the latest technology news, in-depth technology articles, and insights on the hottest technology startups.” They already have several articles revolving around the best in technology and current innovation trends. Not to mention that they’ve been around for only a year now. Below are just a few interesting pieces:

Thanks again for the Tech Tribune and their staff for seeing us as one of the best in Louisville. We’ll be sure to make good on our technology. If you want to read more from the Tech Tribune, then be sure to follow them: