Last-Minute Black Friday Check: Is your Retail Store Really Ready?

We’re almost there, people! Black Friday is less than a week away. For most industries, this is a big weekend and Forbes tells us spending on this shopping weekend is expected to grow 47% year-over-year. Rug and Home Furnishings retail also often sees increased sales during this time, as many shoppers are buying new items for their homes to prepare for the December holidays. Read the list below to make sure you’ve thought of anything and everything for a successful event at your very own retail store. And happy selling!

Make Sure all Customer-Facing Marketing Reflects Your Sale

Have you updated every thing about your store that a customer will see during the shopping frenzy? This includes Social Media images (like your cover and profile photo), website home page images/banners, and even signage inside your store. Make sure the messaging about your big Black Friday sale is consistent and visible across anything people may see.

Put Up a Banner!

If your store is in a high-traffic area, promote your sale with a physical banner and/or signage. There will be plenty of shoppers out and about who may be drawn in by your promotion, even if they weren’t already planning on stopping by.

Send Emails Before and During

You know what they say: it’s easier to keep old customers that it is to get new ones. Have you been emailing your customer list about your Black Friday sale? If not, start now! You can also send emails over the weekend and during the event. Build a sense of urgency by providing a countdown, such as “only 4 hours left of our Black Friday Blowout” and so on.

Use Black Friday to Hype Up Cyber Monday

So maybe you planned well for Black Friday, but what about Cyber Monday? If you are doing an online promotion for Cyber Monday, let your Black Friday shoppers know. You can give them information at checkout or when they enter your store, and also by sending out additional emails to current customers.

Stay on top of customer service

What’s one thing that differentiates your retail store from the big dot-coms of the world? Awesome, in-person customer service. Make sure you first have enough well-trained people working your store for the weekend. Then make sure you are not cutting any corners —For examples, ensuring you’re still answering customer inquiries in a timely, polite manner. By keeping a high bar for your customer service, even in stressful shopping seasons, you’ll build brand loyalty with shoppers. This loyalty can pay off big time in the future.

Double Check Supplies

Do you have enough supplies for the potential influx of new purchases? This includes everything from gift wrapping to shipping boxes. Another consideration—Did you buy enough of your product accessories to handle an increase in sales? For example if you’re in the rug industry, this might be things like padding, or rug cleaning products. Make sure you do a timely check of anything you’d need to cover a boom. Even if you don’t use the extra supplies and items you purchase now, you’ll surely use them over time. Better to be prepared than sorry!

That’s our best advice for smooth sailing at your retail store’s big sale. For more Retailer resources, check out our blog.