5 E-Commerce Tips to Improve Your Brand

Online shopping has reached a point of permanently being part of the consumer shopping experience. Your e-commerce success is dependent on how easy and user-friendly it is for your new customers. If your e-commerce store lacks usability and an easy stream of products, your customers will search elsewhere. Be aware that your site is also where customers can gather information on your brand, how you present yourself, and how it differentiates from the rest. Almost 90% of customers start their shopping proces by searching online so it is very important for business owners and entrepreneurs to improve e-commerce and pay attention to their audience and what they need. The in-store experience is matched by the convenience of an online experience. The most successful brands have consistency with user experience for their brick-and-mortar and their online stores. To start, consider how your in-store and online experiences coincide with one another and study your consumer’s habits when they’re online.

Then Check out these five e-commerce tips to improve your brand and image:

e-commerce tips with reviews
1. Embrace customer reviews for trust-building

Customers want to become part of your brand; they’re a fully involved group now. And customers want to share their experiences with your brand, whether it be good or bad, with everyone on online. Let them! Consider it a free endorsement deal when they rave about your products. You can utilize the reviews to give your brand good rapport. In turn, there will be more potential clients that will read and trust the reviews. Customers want to engage and create a relationship with you, let them.

2.  Proofread online content

You would think that this is common sense; but poor grammar and boring text can be the downfall to a website. Going back to building trust, it’s going to be harder to trust anything you say when half of what you are saying doesn’t make any sense. Make sure that your content is sensible and speaks directly to how you want to present yourself. This adds on to your brand image.

3. Offer recommendations

If a customer browses your store and has bought something before, let them know what else they could buy. You built that trust when they purchased from you. Customers will be more willing to try something else if you recommend it to them. Our RM E-commerce templates offer this functionality. Let customers know that you care and are aware of what they may like. Showing customers that you have an interest in their needs adds great morale to your brand. You can make more sales showing customers what else they can purchase.

4. Make mobile friendly a key priority

e-commerce tips on mobile

The main reason why a customer’s initial purchase behavior starts online is because almost anyone can start shopping on their phones. Don’t forget about these customers. Make your site mobile friendly. Build bigger buttons. Make your site easy to use. If your site is complex and difficult, your customers will leave you behind. Why would they waste their time on a brand who’s site is difficult to navigate when they can shop somewhere else easier. This goes on to our next point. 

5. Invest in e-commerce appearance and functionality

A brand’s first impression matters to a new customer. Just like when you are going on a date, that first impression can set the tone for the rest of the night. You might already know whether you’re going to have a good night or that it’s going to turn out to be the worst. If a customer goes to your website and it works seamlessly and easily, that customer is going to enjoy staying on your site, in turn, leading to more sales. However, if a customer goes on your site and it crashes or buttons don’t work, they’re going to be climbing out of that bathroom window to go find another date. In this day in age, no one has time to browse a bad website.

Your website is your first impression. RM E-commerce sites come packed with all the right features and gives seamless functionality for your brand. Your customers won’t have a hard time navigating through our site. Our sites give a high-powered search and filter, drag-and-drop product comparison, and robust detail pages. RM Innovation manages all the vendor product data, streaming real-time updates right to your web store. This gives you more time to customize your site with are easy-to-use tools and drive your online sales.

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