RM Innovation Launches E-Commerce for Beverly Hills Fine Rugs, Rug Expo

RM Innovation launches E-commerce for Rug Expo
RM Innovation launches E-commerce for Rug Expo

RM Innovation launches E-commerce for Rug and Home Furnishings with pre-loaded products

After years of success providing industry-leading software for retailer’s brick and mortar stores, RM Innovation is launching E-commerce for Rug and Home Furnishings industries.

As of today, RM Innovation has already partnered with many top retailers in the industry to create their E-commerce websites. This includes the recent site launches of Rug Culture, Rug Expo, Beverly Hills Fine Rug, and more.

“We’re excited to see that these companies now have a competitive advantage against dot-com giants. It’s getting increasingly more difficult for a retailer to hold on to market share when up against the big-box stores. Our goal here is to empower them to take back control with the best online tools in the industry,” says Patrick Bain, SVP at RM Innovation.

RM E-commerce sites come packed with features, such as high-powered search and filter, drag-and-drop product comparison, and robust detail pages. But the real power of RM E-commerce is in its revolutionary product data technology. This technology enables retailers to launch their online stores pre-loaded with both their own unique items as well as thousands of vendor products. Once the site is launched, RM Innovation manages all the vendor product data, streaming real-time updates right to a retailer’s web store.

“The power of the data streaming in RM E-commerce is key. With access to their vendor catalogs, a retailer can expand online selection. Plus they can do so without the added cost of additional inventory. And since we take care of all the updates, retailers save the thousands of dollars and hours spent on product management,” says Bain.

Click here to learn more about RM Innovation’s E-commerce for rug and home furnishings retailers. And be sure to contact us to get your Free Demo of RM E-commerce today.