Why You Need E-commerce Now
Are you a retailer who wants to sell rugs or home furnishings?
This is why you need an E-commerce Site Yesterday.

Are you tired of everyone telling you to sell rugs online? Or your home furnishings items? Maybe your response is “why sell online when I’m doing just fine?” Believe us, we get it. The idea of keeping up with today’s digital market can seem exhausting, but it really doesn’t have to be. The reality is that an E-commerce site is the best thing you can do for your retail business right now.

Let’s start with a simple example: say you need to take a trip. You have to get in your car, drive to the airport, get on a plane, and fly to your destination of choice. In this scenario, there are some very clear steps you have to take to get to your desired location. But what would happen if you never got on the plane and just kept driving? Eventually, you’d hit a wall, or drive off a cliff, or maybe into the ocean. In the meantime, all the others who took the next step and got on the plane are in a new place.

This scenario is a direct metaphor for what is happening in rug retail as we speak. Think of your car as your current in-store business model, the plane as an E-commerce site, and the destination as business growth and success. Eventually, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll hit a wall. In the mean time, your competition moves on to better, more effective selling channels. If you take the leap and get on the plane, your business will end up in a much better place than it was before.

The current landscape: Why Sell Rugs & Home Furnishings online?

If you look at the current market landscape, the necessity of selling online becomes increasingly apparent and inarguably vital. Today, customers make 51% of their purchases online and spend an average of 32 hours on the web each month. In 2016 alone, online home furnishings sales grew seven times faster than in-store sales. They have also grown a whopping 503% in a single decade (from 2004-2014).

But It’s not just these impressive growth numbers you should consider… It’s also the fact that the modern customer has new shopping expectations and behaves in a
completely different way than they did even five years ago. Today, 71% of customers expect to be able to view your store’s inventory online. And 81% of customers search online before even stepping foot in a brick and mortar location. If a customer types in the product they want to buy in Google search, and your store doesn’t pop-up in the results, their next action will always be the same: they’ll click on one of your competitor’s sites and the opportunity of a sale is lost.

And don’t forget about mobile

Mobile shopping capabilities are also a necessity for today’s shopper, as 125 million U.S. consumers now own smartphones. of those shoppers, 62% of these individuals have made at least one online purchase via mobile in the past six months. Customers today want the omnichannel experience—they want to shop your products on multiple channels. They want access to the right information they need to make a purchase decision, both online and in-store.

It’s time to book that flight 

So now what? You’ve seen the data, you know selling online is what your business needs to thrive. But how can you leap into E-commerce and ensure your digital investment is worthwhile? Your best bet is to do your research. Choose a company that has designed E-commerce specifically for your industry and make sure they have a portfolio of rug retail sites you can review. Ensure this company knows your industry and understands how rug customers like to shop. If you choose a developer with this level of expertise, you’ll be flying high with E-commerce in no time.

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