Three Newcomers in Home Furnishings to Keep an Eye On

With the New Year in full swing, we’ve put together a list of a few unique home furnishings-related and furniture startups set to make waves in 2017.

1. Greycork

Hailed by many as the better, more affordable version of Ikea, Greycork was launched on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo in 2015. In fact, just a few days after launching its first Indiegogo campaign, Greycork became one of the site’s most-funded furniture startups. With products targeted primarily to the millennial crowd, Greycork strives to make furniture that actually accommodates our modern lives. This mean furniture that works for people who move often and are living in smaller spaces. And for the sake of convenience, Greycork furniture comes delivered to your door in a flat cardboard box and can be assembled in minutes. After great success in all things shelving and sofas, they’ve delved into the realm of storage. In January, they launched four new storage concepts that will soon be debuted on Indiegogo.

2. Seen on Set

Want the same wine glass used in the film Ex Machina? Or that rustic chaise lounge seen on the set of Mad Men? Ireland-based 2015 startup Seen on Set is an online site that offers us these opportunities. Now you can purchase the same furniture, lighting, and décor used in favorite movies and TV shows. From the Seen on Set website, you can search by Movie or TV Show, and then shop the decor seen on the set of that specific film project. You can even submit a request for an item from your favorite TV show/flim, and the Seen on Set team promises to try and source it for you.

3. Modsy

Want to redesign a room but not really sure what you want yet or how your ideas will look? Modsy gives you a risk-free way to see designs come to life digitally. They provide you with life-life design visualizations for any room in your house; meaning you can try on design ideas before deciding on one. The process also looks pretty simple, which is a big plus. After uploading photos of your space, you can virtually change designs and products until you decide on a complete look you like. Once you’ve decided, you can shop online for the items in your new-and-improved room design.

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