Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Magento 2.1.2 is our core CMS with hundreds of self-developed modules that are only available in RM E-Commerce.

Our E-commerce sites are fully responsive designs that are compatible with all devices, including mobile, tablet, and PC. They are also compatible with all types of browsers.

Yes, you can use your own web address, also called a URL or domain name. You may already have your website address (domain) or are looking for the right advice before you buy one.

Either way we will help you along the path, from buying your domain, domain emails, to the final go live and more!

Our system is Software as a Service (SaaS), and is fast becoming the most popular way to ensure your site is secure, backed up daily, upgraded, and patched regularly. All the hosting requirements are in very good hands and you don’t have to worry about the many hosting complexities. Instead, you can put your energy into selling and marketing your new online store without having to worry about technical details, security, and down time.

No, there isn’t.

One of the huge benefits with our online store is you can add unlimited catalogs & products, and you can grow your customer (and any other) database to be as large as you require!

The system comes with the Core Features, these are included by default and cannot be removed to lower the base price. Although the E-commerce Store comes feature packed, even without any additional add-ons, we don’t expect everyone to use everything. These features are built in because you may need them in the near future, or are included in the SaaS model – like email marketing and CRM.

Working with RM Innovation

We have built websites for many award-winning retailers, including Beverly Hills Fine Rug, Rug Expo, Carpet Concepts, and many more. See our portfolio sections for other examples.

Yes, you do, but all functionality behind the site remains the property of RM E-Commerce & Innovations International. This is the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS), and is partially why we are able to offer so much for so little.

You own the content of the website / customer databases / sales databases, and all statistical information and reports. The site may be on-sold if you have sold your business, but must be hosted with RM E-commerce.

Nope! RM E-commerce doesn’t take any cut from your online sales. However, your payment gateway or bank may charge a fee to process payments. Speak to us for more information on this and the many ways to minimize the bank / payment gateway charges.

Using your E-commerce Site

We have developed a dedicated admin panel to make it simple for our customers to manage images, content, and orders on their sites.

Please ask our help desk to give you access to the panel.

We have developed a dedicated admin panel to make it simple for our customers to manage images, content, and orders on their sites.

Please ask our help desk to give you access to the panel. is the popular payment processing solution that RMI recommends. The processor charges a $99 set-up fee, plus a $20 monthly fee and 10 cents per transaction.

Just send us your carrier or your calculation structure and we will implement it in your checkout process.

SEO & Analytics

Our online stores are fully SEO optimized as we implement many different SEO strategies in site development, such as using only one domain, avoiding content URL duplication, including keyword in URLs, and various other related techniques.

We offer free self-service analytics driven by the Google Analytics platform.

E-commerce Support

We have a 24/7 help desk so that you can reach out for assistance at any time.

Help Desk: