Standard Features  Price Basic $299/mo Advanced $499/mo Professional $699/mo
Multi-Users* 2 5 10
Multi-Locations* 1 2 4
Commissions X X X
Credit Card Processing X X X
Custom Tag Design X X X
Customer Orders X X X
Customer Trade-Ins X X X
Customers X X X
DataLink Integration** X X X
E-Commerce Integration** X X X
Designer Commissions X X X
Excel Importing X X X
Flexible Invoicing X X X
Location Transfers X X X
Open-to-Buy X X X
Physical Inventory X X X
Purchase Orders X X X
Easy Quotations X X X
Shipping and Delivery X X X
SMART Dashboard X X X
SMART Reports X X X
User Security X X X
Vendor Management X X X
Additional Features
Customer Appointments  $               19.00 X X
Employee Management  $               19.00 X X
Notifications  $               19.00 X X
SMART Analytics  $               49.00 X X
SMART Growth  $               49.00 X X
Custom Orders  $               99.00 X
QuickBooks Integration  $               99.00 X
Service Management  $               99.00 X
Advertising  $               99.00
Additional Workstations  $               99.00
Additional Locations  $             199.00
*RM Pro supports unlimited users and locations that can be purchased in addition to those provided with each package.
**Integration of Datalink and E-commerce requires user to have a Datalink/E-commerce account