RM Innovation offers a suite of powerful business solutions expertly crafted for the Rug and Home Furnishings industry. Our key to success revolves around who we are as a company; a company that embraces the importance of experience, innovation, service, and excellence.
With over three decades of retail experience in home furnishings, we understand your challenges. For many years we stood in your shoes—wishing there was a better, smarter way to run our business. We’ve used this experience to create the business solutions you need.
You, our customer, are our biggest concern 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is why we offer the best customer service in the industry—so that we can solve problems while you focus on your business.
We’ve worked with over 300 retailers, vendors, and designers to create business solutions that rise above the industry standard; solutions that are better because they’re unique. We believe in challenging the status quo and that superior technology generates success.
At RM Innovation, we hold ourselves to a high bar—everything we do, we take the time to ensure it exceeds all expectations. Solutions of the highest quality are what quality businesses deserve.
RM Innovation’s 2015 GHTA Medal of Excellence.





Real Usability

We believe that technology should make life simpler– everything we create is built for ease-of-use.

Industry Expertise

Our business solutions were built by leaders in home furnishings and are fine-tuned to your industry’s needs.

The Power of Data

We make all of your vendor’s product data readily available to you in real time, hassle-free.

Solutions That Get Results

Our e-commerce, data, & retail solutions empower you to get ahead of competitors and take back your market share. 

Seamless Operations

Our technologies are built to work together seamlessly to save you time and make life easier. 

Cutting-Edge Technology

We work with the best team of developers to ensure our solutions are always ahead of the curve.

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What Customers Say About Us

Cyrus Mafi
MI Corp
We have used RMPro since 1994. As a midsize rug concession company, we need constant attention, and we have an insatiable hunger for new development routines. Only RM Pro and its technical team have stepped up to deliver solutions and meet our demanding needs over the past 15 years.
Abe Malla
World of Rugs & Furniture
When we started our business, we knew that good operating software to control inventory, sales, customer relationships, and many other operational needs would be vital to running a successful and growing business. We shopped around — from Microsoft Retail to many other small companies — and found RMPro is the answer. RMPro helped us grow our business and made our job easy from tracking inventory in different locations to having detailed reports to help us direct our business.

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